Sunday, September 28, 2014

wedding rings

Great trip....
loved every minute!
From Disney to Palm Beach it was all perfect!
Thank you Lord for ALL these blessings,
and one more really big one....

This morning we left the Hollingsworth home early.....
by 7:30 am we were on the road.
Had a lovely drive up north 95,
landing in Jacksonville just in time for lunch.
I drove a good bit,
many times admiring my wedding rings.
I do that a lot.

We had lunch and I made my way to one shop
to exchange a birthday gift
I had bought for Gus.

I then met Bubba at Barnes & Noble.
As we were looking at a book,
I looked down and my rings, both of them, were 

Panic set in and then I remembered a quote
I had read earlier on Facebook by
Corrie Ten Boom....

"I have held many things in my hands,
and I have lost them all;
but whatever I have placed in God's hands,
that I will still possess."

God had given me that quote to prepare me,
and remind me,
that whatever is of this earth is temporal,
but whatever is stored away in heaven is eternal.

I was comforted.

Back in the van,
I found the wedding rings.
they had fallen off my finger
 while I was digging in my purse for my wallet.

Lots of thankgiving went up today.
This scenario 
could have turned out much differently.
I will have the rings sized down this week for sure.

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