Friday, November 7, 2014

grandparents day....

at Veritas Academy.
A day to honor grandparents!

What a very special time this was for us.
We got to go into Lucy and Harry's classrooms
to see what they do every day,
to meet and greet their teachers,
and also, 
to see their friends.
Nonnie, Erika's mom, came from North Carolina too.
We finished the morning 
by having a picnic in the park.
I am so thankful for days like these.

Lucy had a few questions to answer about Bubba and I.
# 1 is look for deer
and # 5 is play Uno.
I think you can read the rest.
I love that she is sending me to Hawaii
for a vacation.

For her grandaddy,
# 1 is play Uno
# 7 is checkers
I love that for #3 
her wish is that granddaddy will not have another wreck.

Love these sheets of her answers.
Will put them in my treasure box for sure.

I am including this picture
because I love how her teacher is peeking around 
with that huge smile on her face.

*I know I said that I was cutting back on writing my blog,
but, maybe not entirely,  :)

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