Monday, November 17, 2014

old barns and falling leaves

This morning, 
with a cup of coffee in my hand,
 I stood at the window watching the leaves fall from the trees
 into the yard.

I love to watch the seasons change.
How God takes a tree through the cycle of abundant life in the spring,
and then in the fall,
 those very leaves that were so green and plentiful,
 die and fall to the ground.  
But the tree is not dead. 
 In the spring it will produce new growth
 and then it will thrive again.

Reminds me of our life in Christ.
We live and thrive
and then we ebb and die....
returning to the ground from whence we came.
But we do not die.

Those in Christ will live again on through Eternity 
because Jesus died on the cross so that we could be reconciled to God.
 Jesus paid the price for our sins that we could never pay. 
 His blood cleansed us from our sin 
and made us holy and righteous before God.
Thankful tonight
 for what Jesus did on the cross.

I decided right there this morning 
looking out that window.....
One, I'm not going to rake those leaves until the last one falls.
Two, I think a yard covered with beautiful leaves
will be a perfect backdrop to our 
Thanksgiving feast.

I love old barns!!!

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