Saturday, January 31, 2015

coming down

This is how Lucy comes down the stairs.

Well, let me back up.
Lucy spent the night with me 
last night.
She sleeps upstairs in the guest bedroom.
When she comes,
she brings a lot with her including an array of
her favorite stuffed animals.
So, she brings her suitcase with her name monogrammed
that we gave her for Christmas several years ago,
loaded to the brim.

Earlier in the morning we had been talking about
sledding in the snow...
something we don't get to do much around here.
We both agreed 
that sledding would be so much fun.

So, just before we were heading out for the afternoon,
I saw her at the top of the stairs,
unloading her suitcase.
When I asked what she was contemplating,
she answered this,
 I'm thinking about sledding down the stairs in my suitcase."
I said "NO" a hundred times!

So, she modified her plan,
sat down on her rump
and bounced 
all the way to the bottom of the stairs
pushing the suitcase in front of her.

All I will say is that had to hurt.

I do remember though, when I was her age,
I did the same kinds of things.
I was always hanging upside down from the top of my swing set.

I love her.
I guess you can tell.

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