Sunday, January 25, 2015


 Love . This . Picture

Pure joy caught on camera.
Jake, Lucy, Harry, Gus and Eli frolicking
on the lawn a couple of years ago.

This was a birthday celebration weekend.
In this family,
there is nothing like a birthday.
You are indeed made to feel special.

Yesterday dawned much colder and windy,
but it didn't stop us from getting on
 I - 95
and driving south to Jacksonville, Florida.
Eight total in the van,
one in a full leg cast in the seat between Erika and I,
all children taking ten minute turns on my IPad.
They loved it and did not fight.

PF Changs tasted wonderful.
We had not been in quite a while
which enhances those flavors even more,
Crab wontons
Chinese dumplings
Egg rolls,
Shrimp and chicken kung pao
Garlic noodles
Fortune cookies,
It was a sumptuous feast to celebrate David's birth.

When we finished shopping we all went to the candy shop
where we each got to pick our own.
Archie choose a chocolate alligator,
several chocolate covered Ritz crackers were consumed,
granddaddy got a praline
and I got two chocolate covered cherries
and some sea salted caramel.

A stop at Trader Joe's at the beach finished  our day.
We left to come home
 happy campers 
with bags full of goodies.

Thank you God for good times,
 fun times with our family,
for good food shared together with lots of love.

one more week in January.
Days are continuing to get longer,
Spring is coming......warm weather too.
Almost there!!

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