Tuesday, January 27, 2015

one of those days

I had a hard time getting up this morning.
I never have a hard time doing that.
I also had a hard time staying up
or getting anything done.

Had an appointment with the dermatologist at eleven.
Took a shower,
but didn't do my hair
 or apply any enhancement to my face.

Drove into town...the brain fog continued.
Missed my turn
and had to go way out of the way.
At least I got a good report from the doctor,
nothing even needed to be cut 
or burned away.

Had about ten errands to run,
but came straight home instead of running them.
Figured that was the best thing to do in my condition.

After eating lunch and resting a bit,
I started a project.
Big mistake!

I turned this beautiful antique piece of furniture over
so as to attach these "magic sliders"
onto the bottom of the legs,
so that I can, in the future, move it more easily.

Using the world's most successful "super glue,"
I commenced with my project.
Somehow I got the tube of super glue
attached to the bottom of my thumb.

I will stop here and do a little commercial for "super glue."

I tried to get it off...no way.
I ran it under hot water....not budging.
Didn't want to tell Bubba,
because I knew he would say
in that way he says it when I've done something wrong.
He did.
But I needed help.

His first thought was alcohol immersion.
then I thought we should read the packaging.
The package said to use acetone
fingernail polish remover.....
mine had no acetone.

Finally at my point of despair,
because he had told me,
"Cathy, I'm just going to have to jerk that thing off of your finger,"
at which I cringed and teared up,
he appeared around the corner with a can of what else?

WD 40.
He sprayed it all around the edges and
the tube of glue slid right off of my thumb.

Never been so happy in my life.
WD 40 really does work on everything!

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