Monday, January 12, 2015

up....up and away

Went to the Mexican Restaurant with these guys last night.
The servers always give the kiddos balloons.
Rather than take them home where they cause a lot of trouble,
we make a big deal of letting them go when we get outside.
I tried to capture the excitement that this always brings.
Watching them fly away into the night
makes for a real party.

I just ordered an eight foot round,
bleached jute rug for my beach/fireplace room.
I think it will be just the touch of beauty
that will finish the room off.
I have an old, very antique table
that we used to eat off of for many years.
I want to cut that down,
sand and paint the table linen,
and put it in the middle of that bleached rug.

I haven't told Bubba about the table project yet.
I'll let him read of it here.
He is planning on setting up a workshop in the garage....
so there you go, first job!

We have a rainy, cool week in store,
but I don't mind.
I have so many projects here at the house to keep me busy,
friends to have lunch with,
and grandchildren to play with.
I want to start selling on e-bay again,
and working on the outside
(putting out pine straw).

So thankful for a rich, full, and healthy start to 2015!
So much to look forward to...
Eli ~ Epcot to name a few!!!

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