Friday, February 13, 2015

best birthday ever....

Two absolutely wonderful days
culminated with my
party tonight.

We had  pizza flown in from
specially for my party.
David made a fresh Kale salad that was delicious,
and for dessert
we had a mouth-watering
lemon pie from
Jim & Nicks.

As you can see,
there were smiles all around.
So much fun.

At various times during the evening,
Lucy kept going to the door to look for
the UPS man.
(Where is Jeff when we need him?)
He was late delivering her present to me.
Just when the party was breaking up,
he came.

It was a pillow that says...
"Love you to the moon and back."
It took my breath away.
That is the extra special little girl
I call Lu Blu.
She took my heart away the first moment
I ever saw her.
and I haven't gotten it back yet.

Harry and Gus and Archie made cards for me.
all sweet and touching.

Jake and Eli sang Happy Birthday to me
 on the phone yesterday.
Just hearing their voices made my day!

Thank you Lord for these special birthday days,
and the people who make them so lovely.

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