Monday, February 16, 2015

floor scrubber (and its not me)

I only asked Bubba for one thing for my birthday....
an Oreck floor scrubber.

I had one of those rare days today
when I could say home and work on cleaning the house.
This morning I asked him
to unpack his gift and get it set up for me to use.
Finally the time came,
and after much consternation and a couple of setbacks,
we got her going.

On the right side you can see clean water 
mixed with the cleaning solution.
On the left side you can see dirty water.
It really works!
It scrubs the floor and then it vacuums up
the dirty water and the filth.
All I have to say is "Hurray!"
I no longer have to get down on my
 hands and knees to scrub,
Nor do I have to use an unsanitary mop.
Here's to technology!
Thank you so much Bubba.
You are welcome to use it anytime.

Oh, and one more gift.
At the end of my birthday month he is taking me here....
where it is always warm and sunny.

Just get me to the beach so that I can walk in the sand
and look out at the beauty whenever I want.
Can't wait!

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