Tuesday, February 17, 2015

love is.....

...the beach.

That place where the ocean meets the land.
the waves crash 
onto the shore,
the shells 
are ground into sand.

That place where the sun warms the sand,
where it feels so good to go barefoot.
Where sun warms your body
and turns it pink.

That place that always smells like summer.
That place where you can look for miles and miles
and see no end.

Salty water,
that buoys you up, 
 floats you along with the current
 playfully sends spray in your face,
knocks you flat on your back,
comes and goes at will.

I could walk beside it forever,
letting it fill my senses with joy,
losing myself in its 

Thinking of the One who made it and said....
"This far shall your proud waves come and no farther."
Knowing that God holds the force of it back
by His own sovereign will.

I could live forever in a beach house
with a door that opens 
out into the dunes,
a few steps 
I'm down on the beach.
Sea breezes blowing the curtains in the windows,
watching the storms
from the great big front porch.
This is my dream.

No where else I'd rather be than at the beach.

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