Wednesday, February 18, 2015

love is.....


This is the way life is.....
people come into our lives,
we grow to love them very much,
for one reason or another,
they leave.

Sometimes death takes them from us...
other times circumstances
cause those we love
not to be around

God gave our humanness a very special gift....
that of memory,
remembering the people we love
in all the good times we shared together.

Very often I will dream of I those love,
which brings a kind of regret when you awake
and focus on the truth.
But in reality,
the dream brings them closer
in mind and spirit

Above are some letters from my Mom. and Dad.
I like to get them out occasionally
and read to remember.
I would recognize their handwriting anywhere.
Words help me to remember those I love.

this blog is filled with them.
I also have books full of pictures going way back to
my great-grandparents.
Such joy to see faces and smiles.

Memories are precious reminders
of yesterdays 
spent in the best of times. 

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