Sunday, February 8, 2015

love is....!
Sometimes its all twelve of us,
sometimes just a few,
but, always, always,
the best of times!

We savor moments together.....
planning our trips around time spent with them.
Whatever season,
whether we are on the beach,
at Disney, 
in a swimming pool,
at a ball game,
an event at school,
a short road trip,
or gathered around a table eating,
It is always the best of times.

Bubba and I started our marriage
with a good desire....
to have children and to invest our lives in them.
They went everywhere we went,
they were treated with respect,
 and they were taught  to love God and others.
Then they left the nest.
They flew off to places faraway,
found spouses of their own,
and then along came the precious grandchildren.
A full circle of love.

Now we are investing our lives in these little ones.
What an honor and a privilege
to be called
Grammy and Granddaddy,
to really know them,
be with them,
encourage them
play with them,
and most of all to shower them with love.

A family is a rich blessing from God.

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