Thursday, February 12, 2015

today is my birthday

I am two years old in the photo.
That would be 1950.

I notice a couple of things about this picture 
that are strange.
First of all,
I don't know any of these friends
who have attended my party.
No one seems happy
including the birthday girl.
Looks like I have cake all over my face,
but the cake seems undisturbed.
Only a few are paying any attention.
My birthday is in February,
 which is always cold.
Everyone is dressed for the middle of summer.

I do like the little vintage table,
My uncle's Studebaker across the street,
the huge birthday cake,
and my dress.
The tall dude in the shorts is adorable.

birthdays are great days!
I am completely overcome with the posts on facebook.
Best day ever!!!!
Thank you all so much!

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