Saturday, February 7, 2015

with eli at epcot

Fun....we had
fun ~ fun ~ fun.

Thursday afternoon
Bubba and I
met Amanda and Eli
down in Orlando.
Eli had a field trip with his second grade class
to Epcot.
We were invited to tag along
as we did with Jake just a year ago.

Yesterday morning dawned cool and crisp
and slightly breezy.
We dressed warmly and waited for the afternoon
when it warmed up nicely.
We were able to do all the things that we love,
and then after a short rest,
we hopped over to the Magic Kingdom
to finish the day there.

We were all full of energy,
as we must have walked about 15 miles 
around the beautiful parks.
Eli was my riding buddy on most of the rides.
Got a lot of snuggling out of this very adorable almost
eight year old little guy.

Thank you for this very wonderful
start to my birthday month.
I am overwhelmed with love for all of you.
My memory bank is full of 
the joy and the laughter of these past few amazing days.

I am the most blessed Grammie in all the world.

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