Sunday, March 15, 2015

eli turns eight

I cannot believe I didn't get this on
last Saturday,
the day Eli turned eight years old.
It was such a wonderful day!
Eli at eight....
what can I say?
Eli at eight is smart and talented.
While we were here,
he placed third in his spelling bee,
he sang and danced for us on grandparents day,
he swam like a fish
in the ocean and the pool,
he wrote and illustrated a really high quality comic book,
and he made up some riddles.
Yesterday we shopped at Toys R Us with his birthday money,
enabling him and his brother Jake
to play games on the "We U." (not spelled right I know.)
This game
 has to be closely monitored by his caregivers.
'as they would play all day without pausing for air or food.
Still sweet and loving,
but growing fast and changing quickly.
He excels at school,
loves his teacher,
works hard!!!
There is only one Eli,
interesting to talk to,
able to talk me into just about anything
but not everything.
He loves God and his family.
His smile melts my heart.
His eyes are as blue as the sky or a spring day.
He has freckles sprinkled across his nose.
I am richly blessed that he calls me Grammy,
that he trusts me and loves me
and enjoys my company.
Thank You Lord for bringing this little boy into my life.
May God richly bless you as you grow and mature
in your relationship with Him.
Eli had a Minion Beach Party cake.
So fitting that we were at the beach to celebrate.

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