Saturday, March 28, 2015

finally done

This project started back in the middle part of January.
I bought a round, white jute rug
and asked Bubba to retrieve
our old round oak table from the storage house.

Last night, 
while I was sleeping,
He brought the finished project into the house
to surprise me this morning.
I didn't waste any time today decorating it for Easter.

The biggest holdup,
according to my husband,
was the persistently cold, damp weather.
I put on my patience 
and sure enough he came through with a winner.

He had the pedestal cut down
so that it would be coffee table height.
I just love how it all turned out.
Now, on to the next thing.....

I am offering Amanda an all expense paid trip to Savannah
plus a new,
$100.00 bill
to get me going selling on E-bay again.
Its been a while and I need a refresher course
So much to sell ~ so little time.

Feeling better this afternoon. 
Staying true to my antibiotics and resting.
Getting well feels so good!
Thank you Lord!

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