Friday, March 13, 2015

grandparents day.... Jupiter Christian School.
It was a wonderful show
 with all of the songs
that we love so much from Disney.
So much hard work went into this day.
Bubba and I were so proud of Jake and Eli,
as they and their classmates sang their little hearts out.
Dressed in costume, Jake from Peter Pan
and Eli from It's a Small World,
we were given a grand and happy tour
of all the Disney songs
and characters we love so much.
Visits to their classrooms,
getting to know their teachers
 poems and essays written about us,
What a joy this day has been.
There was a great art exhibit
with all of the children's art work framed
and ready for sale.
The fish were done by Eli,
the cityscape by Jake.
One of these will grace the Cleland's home
and one will stay here.
It will be very hard for me to decide between the two,
as I love the ocean and I also love
folk art.

Our week at the beach has ended,
and now we are parenting Jake and Eli
while Amanda and Mark
go on a short cruise
 across the ocean to the Bahamas.
Still in paradise,
just not at the beach anymore.

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