Sunday, March 29, 2015

mother goose

Coming into Southbridge where our home is located,
one goes around a beautiful
lagoon with a fountain.
This is a much traveled roadway.
 this Canadian goose
builds her nest not three feet from the road
right up close to a pine tree.

We noticed her last year in this exact same spot,
Seems kind of insane to me
to build a nest
right out in the open,
when there are woods all around.

She was sitting serenely this morning on her egg
as I made my way to church.
This afternoon,
on the way to the visitation for Mr. Jim across the street,
 this was the scene.
Looks like that little baby chick has hatched
and is emerging from the shell.

When I got close, 
the big moma opened her mouth and hissed at me.
and just as quick as a wink,
out of the blue.
 the dad ran at me and started hissing too.

I love God's creatures in the wild.
 they know what to do.
Why should I question where 
Mother Goose 
 decides to build her nest?

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