Tuesday, March 10, 2015

no place else i'd rather be

We are in a cottage overlooking the ocean in
Jupiter Beach, Florida.
When I say overlooking, I mean the ocean
could not be any closer,
the waves couldn't be any louder,
the smell of salt any stronger.
It is truly paradise.
We are here for a whole week.
I couldn't be any happier.
Just so happens,
part of our family lives close by,
and they are enjoying it with us.
We found summer here.
I was in the pool today.
The sun feels wonderful after such a long, cold winter.
Was walking on the beach just now with the boys,
picking up shells and flat stones,
writing in the sand,
letting the warm surf caress our feet and legs.
Precious moments to remember forever.
So thankful that God plans
times like these
to restore our souls,
to make memories to tuck away for later.

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