Thursday, March 26, 2015

pencil sketched picture


I don't know when it all started.
I am always up and running around at full speed,
counting myself blessed to have such stamina and energy.
Slow going is just not for me.

one malady led to another and another,
and I just wasn't getting well.
this morning,
Bubba gave me the mandate.
You will rest!
You will give yourself time to get better!
I'll be gone all day so as not to be a distraction to you.

So, for the next three or four days,
I will do just that.

One thing....

I have been on a death watch for two days.
The man across the street,
who somehow made his way into my bedroom 
on our move in day,
who I thought died while we were on vacation last August,
really did die just now.

Yesterday morning an ambulance came,
and I thought he had died then...
watched people come all yesterday afternoon.
This morning another ambulance came 
and then I became very puzzled.
If he died yesterday,
why did the ambulance come back today?

Just now I looked out
 and a white hearse was backed up in the driveway.
Then they rolled him out the front door
and loaded him (or somebody)
into the hearse and proceeded to drive away.

This whole thing has been so weird.....
so shrouded in mystery.

Which brings me to this point....
I don't think its good for me to be here in the house
all day alone
trying to recuperate,
with all that going on across the street.
I certainly could not rest,
and what a distraction that was.

*I am very sorry for the family.

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