Monday, March 30, 2015

tulips & father goose

Aww.... the absolute joy of spring!
Can't let the outside in because of the pollen,
but still....
how amazing is spring.
To see everything greening up again,
flowers blooming,
chicks hatching,
sky so blue,
sun shining brightly.
I love it!!!!

Bubba bought me these flowers
for feeling better.
after all this time he still loves me so well
and I am thankful.
A good marriage is a blessing from God.

This afternoon I went back 
to see the new family of geese down by the side of the road.
Mother goose was sitting on her nest
and Father Goose had the chick
out walking nearby
and keeping very close watch.
When I went back to get a picture,
the lawn was being mowed by crazies,
and the geese were nowhere to be seen.
One more try yielded me
a great shot of the dad.

He was hissing up a storm
but I whispered to him.
"I would never hurt your little one."
He was not convinced and he kept hissing.
The baby must have already been put down for the night
safely under her mother's wings.

Thanking God for spring this evening.

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