Saturday, April 11, 2015

45 years

Our wedding was forty five years ago this very day.
Above is my all time favorite picture.
It was not done by the
but is a candid snapped by who knows who.

We are caught up in a gust of wind.
Bubba has captured my veil
so that it won't cover the face of his new bride.
We look so happy.
I just love it!!!

He asked me to marry him at the beach.
We were sitting in the car looking out over the ocean.
I think I remember a moon out there.
He asked ~ I said yes.
My dad made us wait almost two years
until I graduated from college.

Looking back, it seems like yesterday.
I sum our marriage up like this,
We had fun!!!
We are still having fun!
We have grown from just the two of us
to the twelve of us.

Marriage is not easy.
Bubba and I have grown and learned together.
There have been times when
I have been ready to walk out the door 
never to return.
He has threatened to pack up and leave as well.

But that could never be 
because we took a vow before God
to stay together
 until death separates us.
To break that vow would be dishonoring to God.

The one huge blessing in our marriage
is that we love to talk to each other.
Everything is brought to the table and discussed.
There may be tears,
 rants and rages,
 and all the other craziness
 that comes out in a good battle,
but before the night falls,
 we can usually come to a resolution.

Bubba is a kind man,
a great provider,
my best friend.
He gives and gives himself to others.

I am thankful today that God chose us to be man & wife.

"He who finds a wife finds a good thing,
and obtains favor from the Lord."
Proverbs 18:22

*My anniversary roses...
and he is taking me away for the weekend....
somewhere close ~ not far from home.

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