Wednesday, April 1, 2015

easter ~ 1980

Some thoughts about this picture.....

The azaleas are blooming.
I only like azaleas when they are in full bloom,
which is an incredibly short time.

It was the Easter of Snoopy,
No Easter baskets in sight.

I really, strongly dislike the dress I have on.

Bubba looks amazingly handsome
with all of that dark hair.
I can hardly remember him with that much hair.

David & Amanda look mildly unhappy.
This last picture of Easter Day
must have sent them over the edge.

Amanda had the most beautiful dresses
when she was little.
I still have this one.
She always had a bow in her beautiful blond hair.

David had that thick hair.
Love the sparkling, clean white pants
and I think, white shoes.

I have such fond memories of Easters past.
The start of spring,
new clothes,
Easter candy,
good meals together with family.

So much fun to look back and remember.

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