Friday, April 3, 2015

good friday

I spent much time today 
about what Jesus did for us 
over 2000 years ago.
I concentrated on Matthew 27.

Jesus suffered greatly on our behalf.
He was a man.
He felt everything we would have felt
 in the days and hours 
leading up to His crucifixion.

He bore the pain of our sin 
without murmuring and complaining.
What He accomplished on the cross that day
forever changed the course of history.

I've thought a lot about the people
 who were keeping a vigil 
by the cross.
What about those 3 hours of darkness
from noon until three pm?
There was an earthquake,
the rocks split open.
Saints even rose from their graves 
and walked into the city.
How traumatic, and scary, and sad 
that Friday so long ago 
must have been.

I believe many hearts were changed that day.
I believe many said 
with the centurion who was guarding Jesus.....

"Truly this was the Son of God."
Matthew 27:54b

What do you say about Jesus this Good Friday?
He died for you too!

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