Sunday, April 19, 2015


...sitting on the back porch watching a good storm go by.
Lightning and thunder and wind....
this one was top notch!

My flash makes it look like the sun is shining.
I forgot to turn it off.

I love this time of year!
The best time to be outside in the yard
planting and weeding,
and making it all look beautiful.

When it gets hot its too late,
but right now it is perfect!

Praying for Archie and David in St. Louis.
This is their eighth trip since January.
Tomorrow the cast comes off.

Also praying for Sarah Kate and Jay in China.
Just imaging
what it will be like when they see
little Max for the first time.

So nice to be home, quiet, praying.....
 enjoying the beauty
 of our backyard.

God is merciful and kind, 
full of love and compassion,
always ready to forgive and cleanse our hearts.
He hears our prayers,
He inclines His ear to us.
He loves us with a pure love.
We have His very own personal book that He gave to us....
every day it is full of new truth,

"God gives rain on the earth...."
Job 5:10

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