Wednesday, April 15, 2015

lovely things....

....handmade by God.

A vase of tulips 
sitting on an antique table.

A late afternoon thunderstorm
making our grass so green and shimmery.

Sunlight shining through a window
casting shadows in the room.

Raspberries and blackberries
sitting on the counter
in moma's crystal berry bowl.

The ocean....
I never get over it.
I think there is salt water in my soul.

When I come upon it from afar,
I whisper to myself,
"There it is."

The ocean literally excites me 
every time I see it

Bubba said this to me the other day....
"When I die I know what you will do the next day.
You will go out
 and buy a cottage right next to the ocean
and you will spend the rest of your days hanging there
loving every minute."

Without a pause I said back to him,
"You know me so well."

Thanking God tonight
 for all of His beautiful works of art.


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