Friday, April 17, 2015

she was...... matron of honor,
Sandra Splawn Rushing.

We've been friends since forever.
We met at church when we were teenagers
and have been running around together ever since.
Also, we both met our husbands, 
Robert and Bubba, 
there at the church too.

When we graduated from high school,
we both went to college to become schoolteachers. 
All during college, we double-dated
and were more or less 

She and Robert
 got married almost a year before 
Bubba and I tied the knot.
We had so much fun with all of the parties and the weddings,
 first hers, and then we did it all over again with mine.
After we got married,
we taught school and played house.
We traveled some and we were at each others house constantly.

We had babies together too.
We were pregnant at the same time
and we birthed our last babies
only three weeks apart.
This is David and Kellie.... 

I took her out to lunch today to celebrate her birthday.
We looked at each other and said,
"We've been together a long time and we are still going."

We are grandmothers together now.
We talk about silly things,
our kids
and the grandchildren that fill our days with delight.
We might mention our aches and pains
but we don't camp there long.
Mostly we count our blessings 
and thank God that we are still friends.

Happy Birthday Sandy!!
It's been a whirl!

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