Thursday, April 30, 2015

the mighty eighth museum

I had never been.
Lucy's class took a field trip this morning.
She asked me to go as her guest.

The Mighty Eighth Museum exceeded my expectations.
I didn't know that in the early 1940's, 
a small group of men met in Forsyth Park
 to plan how they could help the Untied States 
defeat the big and powerful Nazi Party 
led by the small but very evil dictator Adolf Hitler.

The Eighth Army Air force
did more than their part to add to the fall of the Third Reich of Germany.
They flew these huge bombers, 
made of of aluminum,
 riveted together, 
so heavy they could barely take off,
long distances,
 in compromising positions,
to drop bombs on the infrastructure of the war in Germany.
Many of them didn't make it home,
but many accomplished their goal and came home as heroes.
The museum is dedicated to them.

I loved did Lu.
So glad to have had this experience with my granddaughter.
She knew I would love it because my daddy fought in World War II.

Something our guide said 
must have given Lucy
 the heebee geebees!

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