Tuesday, April 14, 2015

way back....

I've been looking at our wedding pictures some this week.
There is so much in this one photo.

First of all,
this was our first home on 36th Street.
Year ~ 1970.
Look at the wallpaper
and the little paneled room off the back of the house
that once was a screened in porch.
We had hardwood floors
and I don't know where the table and chairs came from.

You all know how I love to throw a good dinner party.
Yes, now I have a small closet just for my tablecloths and runners. :)

this was the beginning, folks.
Evidently I had cooked up a roast and gravy
and who knows what else,
we are eating off of our very fine china.
drinking out of real crystal goblets,
and we had gorgeous,
authentic silver 
to lift whatever I had cooked to our mouths.
There is a yellow rose in a silver goblet,
and silver candlesticks.

I look a little stiff and uncomfortable in that dress.
I think my Hodie had made it for me.
It was covered with daises.
I wonder if I cooked that whole meal dressed like that?
Maybe that's why I look sad.
Looks like only the two of us will be eating.
How sweetly romantic!

I've come a long way.
I can serve 30 now easily,
(with a little help from my friends.)

What fun to write about 
"the beginnings."

This may be our first Anniversary
now that I think about it,
(no date on back.)

Bubba and I are having a romantic dinner tonight by the way.....
hamburgers cooked on the grill
on this beautiful spring
I think we will eat on the porch
and I will definitely light
a candle.

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