Tuesday, April 21, 2015

wonderful things.....

I have reached the age where I know exactly what I like.
A diversion.....

I love having really good hand soap
at my fingertips.
So many times a day I wash my hands.
Why not let it be an experience
of exotic smells and soothing softness?
makes wonderful, all natural
 hand and body products.

For years and years I have used this
big chunk of  
olive ~ lavender soap that is made in France.
Bubba always says to me,
"You smell so good."
Could there ever be a better compliment
from your husband?

The little purple soap on top is 
lavender ~ travel size.
They didn't have the olive ~ lavender in the small size.
That will be tucked away in my suitcase
 for our trip tomorrow.

But O, this best of the best...
It caught my eye.
I picked it up ~ I put it down.
I said, "No Cathy, you don't need that."
A pink leather journal
filled with fresh ~ never written on pages
just waiting for the first word.
It came home with the soap in a fancy bag filled with tissue paper.
You know how I love words.....
It had to be.

Wonderful things ~
sometimes its that kind of day.

speaking of days....
It was a perfect 10 in Savannah, Georgia.
Not a cloud in the sky,
cool temps,
no humidity.
We don't get many of these....
I'll be in the yard till the sun goes down.

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