Friday, May 1, 2015

burning again

This morning, very early,
I went out to do a backyard burn.
I waited until I thought all of our neighbors had left for work
and then I commenced to set fire to a pile 
that had been growing since fall.
It wasn't as massive as the pile I had before,
but needless to say there was plenty
to fuel a fire.
Before long, flames were shooting skyward.
I was in awe.
Then I realized that our neighbors
were still home,
and they were, in fact,
standing on their back porch staring at me.

I didn't say a word,
neither did they, thankfully.
I think it is illegal to burn in Southbridge,
but I don't know that for sure.

 I burned my pile down to nothing
and it looks great.

About ten o'clock 
the guy that takes care of our lawn showed up.
He is a great person,
 and he loves the Lord,
and he likes to talk.

Funny thing....
he was pulling weeds (yes he hand pulls our weeds)
 and showing me 
which ones have medicinal purposes.
I am to clean and boil the root,
cook it,
and then drink the tea.
Can't decide whether or not to try this....

Bubba has an all male pig-picking to attend.
I am staying home and tackling the garage.
I will be washing the windows on the front of the house
and cleaning the front porch.

I'm on a spring cleaning roll.....
Thank you God for all of my energy and stamina.
I know it is a blessing from You!!!!

It is May!
The weather is so gorgeous...
just can't stay inside.

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