Wednesday, May 20, 2015

happy birthday jake

Ten years ago this little boy made me a grandmother.
Never in my wildest dream would I have ever expected this ride.

When you are young(er),
the grandmotherly types seem somehow
sitting a lot,
not energized.
But then I became one.

has been one of the absolute 
best times of my life.
Far from sedentary or slow,
it is fast-paced,
the beach,
the pool,
backyard baseball,
birthday parties,
and the list becomes too long to name to keep going.

Thank you Jake for giving me this honor.
You are a wonder to me.
I so much enjoy spending time with you.

I like.... 
that you can now put an almost 800 piece
 Lego set together all by yourself.

I like.....
that you still like to snuggle with me
 while I read the Charlie Brown books to you and Eli.

I like.....
that Granddaddy's spaghetti
 is still the best spaghetti in the world to you. 

You are ten years old today!
Double digits forever!
I love you!
Happy Birthday!

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