Saturday, May 9, 2015

happy mother's day

To be a mother....
to hold a tiny infant in your arms,
the product of a love between two people,
is without a doubt
the greatest experience of a lifetime.

At just the right moment in time,
when the plans of God for a life materialize,
He places that life 
in the womb of a mother.
He nourishes it and protects it,
until the perfect moment when
that life is brought forth into the world
to accomplish the purposes God ordained for it.
God did this with His own Son,
Jesus Christ.

A mother holds in her arms a great gift....
a precious child 
to love and to cherish,
to nurture and to protect,
to teach,
to take care of in every way....
striving toward the day  
when that child becomes able 
to assume those responsibilities for himself.

And just like Mary, Jesus' mother,
to know that one day,
after we have taught them all we can,
that they will be returned to God for His purposes for them
to be fulfilled.

A short, beautiful time,
A time when these children depend on you for everything.
Not to be taken lightly,
this role that God bestows on us....

Thank you Lord for entrusting me be a mother
to my two wonderful children.

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