Tuesday, May 5, 2015

home sweet home

I bought this huge, multi-bloom geranium yesterday.
Isn't it gorgeous.
It sits on our front porch
on top of
my antique Singer sewing machine frame.
Hopefully, the deer will not come up on the porch,
but in case they do I bought this.....

My cousin Steve told me about this last year.
I am hopeful that the deer will leave when they smell this scent.
It was horrible.
I had to leave when I put it out.
(It doesn't hurt them at all.)
We'll see if this keeps them away.
(Its kinda expensive.)

I got a new pillow for the deacon's bench.
With the geranium, it all looks amazing.
A little touch of red for the summer.

These are some of the shells 
that Eli and I collected at the beach back in March.

These ones have a zig-zag design.
Very trendy right now in the fashion world.

I am constantly amazed at the creativity of God's creation.
Every where I go,
every place I look, His handiwork is on display.
In the sky, on the earth, on the beach,.....
the things that He created,
 cause me to praise and worship Him.

Always look for beauty in everything.
Point it out to those you love.
That way you'll be pointing them to our great God,
who made heaven and earth,
and who sustains us in life every day
by making sure we take our next breath.

"Let everything that has breath praise the Lord."
Psalm 150:6

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