Monday, May 11, 2015

victory bouquet

I am sitting here at my computer.
The afternoon sun is streaming through my windows
making patterns on the floor,
bathing me in light and warmth.
I am counting my blessings
one by one.

Its hard to feel more loved than on Mother's Day.
I am still basking in its glow.

Just one example...
this card made by Harry....
my little snaggled-toothed seven year old grandson.
I love the things they think of.
I have a little kids book library here at the house.
They love to "borrow" my books
to take home.

The vase of flowers above was on our
Mother's Day table
It is made up of all the flowers in my yard 
that the deer despise
or cannot get to.
I call it my victory bouquet.
I CAN grow some things and that is good.
My rosemary plant has gone wild.

Just want to say that God is good...
life is not always good,
sometimes it is very difficult,
but God is always good.
God loves us with a perfect love
and He is always close by.....
as close as His word.

He knows I love flowers!!

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