Monday, May 25, 2015

i'm thinking about a garden....

I cleared this plot on Saturday.
The garden would be about 9 feet by 12 feet.
I told Bubba and he didn't say no.
We will need some railroad cross ties and
something to keep the deer out.

That stick kinda in the middle is the crepe myrtle
our builder planted for us.
It has never grown even an inch.
It has got to go.

My flax plants came in on Saturday too.
I ordered them from High Country Gardens.

They are planted and doused with coyote urine
in hopes that they will grow and produce
their beautiful blue blooms.
The chances of that happening are slim to none,
I will not give up yet!!

I had my fourth burn today.
I think the yard is beginning to look amazing.
We have a little bit of forest behind the house,
and I am trying to make it look pretty.

I have burned a ton of twigs and limbs
and nobody has said anything.
I am probably pushing my luck though.

That is where the garden would go in perspective with the rest of the yard.
what do you think?

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