Tuesday, May 26, 2015

my most favorites

Amanda came last week.
It is always such a joy.
She is so busy now,
I always count it as a huge blessing 
when she gets to come home.

Along with the usual fun,
Jake and Eli,
the big birthday party,
and just talking and laughing together,
she got me and her dad
 squared away again on E-Bay.
She is a master at selling.

Since she left,
We have made over $200.00
on just stuff that is laying around the house.
I forgot how much I enjoy it!!

Thank you Amanda...
I love you!!

As per the garden blog from last night....
Now I am thinking of putting the fire pit in that cleared area.
I think it would be so pretty there.
The garden could go farther over and back a little bit.

Bubba is in a working mood right now 
with his new workbench.
I consider that a very good place to be
to get this done.

So far the coyote urine is working.
I have a gerber daisy getting ready to lift its head,
and my new flax plants are still there.
So much going on....
I love these long summer days so much.

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