Friday, May 8, 2015

night in the museum

Jake as Abe.... 

Big night at school.
Jake was obsessed to be Abraham Lincoln
in the reenactment of 
"Night in the Museum."
He studied really hard,
wrote a 6 paragraph essay,
and did all of the research.
He is standing proudly in front of his work
dressed from head to toe as Abe,
proudly wearing his converse tennis shoes.

So sad we weren't able to be there.
The 6 hour trip to where my babies are
is sometimes more than we can do,
but, I'm thankful for pictures that come as fast as the speed of light
to this Grammy who is waiting with baited breath.

As we gear up to celebrate Mother's Day,
I am also thankful for the gifts from God these little ones are.
Growing up way too fast,
changing every day,
way smarter than I ever was.
Filled with hope and love and purpose,
ready to face the future with confidence,
being nurtured in the word of God,
I pray for their hearts.

I pray that God will fill them with such a love for Him
that they will want to please Him with whatever they choose to do.
That they will seek Him and His word 
for wisdom and truth 
that they will never learn from the world.
That they will love others
 and not think only of themselves,
and that they will share their love for God with their friends.

I figure, as their Gram,
 I cannot pray too much or too often for these precious ones that God
has placed in my life.

"At all times we ought to pray and not lose heart."
Luke 18:1b

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