Sunday, May 3, 2015

welcome may

You are light as a feather,
full of promise.
You are long afternoons,
chilly nights.
You are days full of sunshine, puffy white clouds,
earth made for digging,
 grass as green as a thousand emeralds.
May is full of flowers,
light dancing across the ocean.
caressing air
softly touching your face.
There is not another month like May.
I wish it could stay forever.

Today was Nana's birthday.
Bubba and I talked about her at lunch.
What a great, kind, hard-working woman she was.
We miss her...

a quote by an unknown author.
If I have ever laughed 
with you,
laughed until the point of almost crying,
this is for you.
And if you are not here anymore to do this with me, 
I miss you more than words can tell. 

"I think one of my favorite feelings
is laughing with someone
and realizing halfway through 
how much I enjoy them 
and their existence."

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