Saturday, January 9, 2016

gathered round....

There is nothing I like better than to have our family
gathered around the big old farm table
in our kitchen.
It is one of those blessings that come from God.

Bubba and I usually cook in tandem.
He does this and I do that
and somehow 
it all comes together delicious.

But its the fellowship I like the most.
The following along with each others lives,
the jokes
the laughter,
the children telling about their day.
astonishing or mundane...
everything makes for an interesting time.

I like to make pies and cakes!
Now, thanks to my family,
I have one of these....

So excited!!
Who knows what my culinary future holds.
And look at that beautiful color,
it matches my house.

One thing I know for sure...
If we cook,
they will come!

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