Thursday, January 7, 2016

growing up star wars

We raised our kids in the Star Wars generation.
was always playing with his Star Wars figures.
I saw all of the movies.
We lived and breathed everything Star Wars.
In the storage house,
in lots of boxes,
it is all there...
all of the toys...
the things that helped shape the man that our son became.

There was a great expectancy this December.
No, it wasn't the coming of Christmas.
A new Star Wars movie was being released,
The Force Awakens,
Everybody was beside themselves with excitement
for the 17th to arrive,
the day the movie opened.

All of our grandchildren went, some several times.
Star Wars was all the buzz.
Many Star Wars Christmas gifts were given.
The movie is even mentioned in our church quite often.
(David and our pastor are the same age)
Both are huge fans!!!

I began to feel left out of the excitement,
so I called Lucy aside and asked,
"Lucy, will you go to see Star Wars with me?
Her answer was a big smile and  a definite affirmative!

We went last Saturday afternoon.
She has this T-shirt,
and I did her hair in Princess Leia style.
I couldn't wait to see Han and Chewie again,
and the Princess and Luke and R2D2.
I really needed to see this movie so that
I could talk sensibly and intelligently with my grandchildren.

It was great!
Lu had told me that one of our favorite characters was going to die,
so we made a plan.
She would give me a signal
and we would both close our eyes during that scene.
She ended up leaving me alone and completely leaving the theater.
So much for her comfort....
she just couldn't take it!!!

So glad I went.
Now I know who BB-8 is,
I can have long, involved conversations with my loves.
I tell you,
you gotta meet them where they are.

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