Friday, January 8, 2016

in january...

...the snowmen come out.
They hide in the attic during Christmas,
Then every year about this time they start to appear.
I call them my winter decorations.
Along with 
snowflakes and candles,
the house becomes
 magic again.
If I could just decorate all the time,
I would be most blissfully happy!

It was the perfect night for crab stew.
Bubba made the most delicious I have ever tasted.
We couldn't believe how good it was.
I love it when this man
takes to the kitchen!

So the first week after the holidays has been successful.
All of my decorations are packed and ready
to be put back into the attic.
My therapy is going well.
I think my leg may heal after all.
My printer works again,
always glad for that!!!

Praying for a great 2016 for everyone!

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