Friday, January 22, 2016

on this rainy winter day...

.....I give you this to dream on.
A cozy beach cottage
nestled right on
the wide expanse of the ocean.
I would rather be right there than anyplace else
in the world.

To my love....
"You cook the steaks on that charcoal grill.
I'll make a salad 
and crack some crab legs.
We can listen to the waves crash on the rocks,
while we eat on the porch.
It doesn't matter that its cloudy,
the lights glowing in the house make it even more special.
After we eat, we will sit in the rocking chairs
and watch 
the day turn into night,
the ocean turn from gray to black.
When the night has fully come,
we will sit on
 and listen to the music the ocean makes,
holding hands,
knowing each others hearts as one,"

Every now and then 
the poet
 and the dreamer in me 
has to get out.

Love always and forever,

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