Monday, January 25, 2016

shattered pieces

This was the season of brokenness.

First of all my body...
not broken, but badly bruised and shaken....

Then, other things started breaking.
At Thanksgiving
I broke one of my beautiful Vietre goblets.

This favorite winter platter along with a matching mug
 fell from my hutch
during my fall from the ladder
when I was trying to fix the lights on top of the hutch.
It was too badly shattered to be fixed.

This is a salad plate to our fine china that
Bubba and I got when we were married forty-five years ago.
Not a piece had been broken until Christmas night.
Remember Moonspun?
That was all I talked about.
All in all,
that is a pretty good record.....
one piece out of a ten piece serving in 45 years.

I also dropped and completely destroyed one of my
Department 56 Snow Village houses.
It was a favorite.

and then....

...this snowman lamp
that we had made last year out of a milk jug.
My pride and joy...
gone quickly from my hands,
broken beyond repair.

Probably though....

....this was the worst.
One of my real silver spoons
went down the drain,
while the disposal was running.

They were just things,
much loved,
but not life changing.
Some can maybe be replaced,
but some not.

Hold everything loosely, you know.
We can't take any of it with us when we die...
wouldn't even want too.

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