Monday, January 11, 2016

that thing about january

Doesn't everyone just love January?
I know I do,
The frenzy of the holidays are finally over.
The days and evenings slow way down.
There is time to watch a movie,
take a little nap,
spend more time in God's word,
take a walk with my hubby,
go to bed earlier and sleep a little later.
January refreshes me!!

Most of all I love to clean and organize.

Over the holidays,
everything stays in a mild to extreme state of chaos.
present wrappings,
and people fill the house,
and isn't it all so wonderful.
But after the holidays
it feels so good to bring order out of the chaos.
To clean out a closet or the pantry,
to get every one of the pine needles from the tree
 out of the carpet,
to wash up all of the Christmas linens,
press them,
and place them back where they belong.
January fills me with energy
and the desire to do new things.
I love January!!!

Forty two years ago we were waiting for David to be born....
our firstborn son,
who took his own good time getting here.
January will always be special because of him.

Three years ago today my Dad died.
Bubba woke me up early in the morning 
to tell me that news.
Sobering to be without your 
mother and your father.

Cold days and freezing nights have finally gotten to us.
How good it feels to pile on the covers
and snuggle in the bed.

But the greatest thing is the hope.
By the end of the month we will have about 30 minutes more daylight.
And in just a few weeks it will be spring,
and then summer again.
Can't wait!!!!

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