Monday, March 7, 2016

eli turns nine today

Happy birthday to this
smart as a whip little boy
who stole my heart from day one.

He love Star Wars.
especially Boba Fett.
He plays Wii U' like a real pro.
He and I are going shopping when we get to his house
for four of the game figures that he loves.

He is a swimmer,
he loves the ocean like his Gram,
he will walk with me and look for treasures,
he is interesting to talk to...

He loves Disney and Sea world,
he does well in school,
he loves to read in bed till he falls asleep,
just like I do.

every now and then I still get a snuggle,
a sitting real close time.
wonder of wonders,
he and his brother still love for me to read to them.

Happy Birthday Eli!
I Love You,

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