Wednesday, March 2, 2016

geraniums ~ 3 for $10.00

Here I go again...
first sign of Spring and I'm at the nursery buying flowers.
These deep green healthy geraniums were
such a good buy
 I couldn't pass them up....
And, they look so lovely on the porches.
Maybe the deer will leave them alone this year.
(In my dreams)

Have you noticed how much longer the days are getting?
That, along with increasing warmth from the sun
is a sure sign that winter is almost over.
It's time to start thinking of the yard again
and all that goes with that.

Very thankful today
for the progress that has been made
getting the David Cleland family settled in their new home.
Most all of the boxes have been unpacked
and it is a living, breathing home.

Bubba and I are looking forward to a trip
to South Florida very soon.
One little boy who lives down there
is getting ready to turn nine
and, of course,
we have to celebrate with him.

Friday and Saturday
we will have four great kids here
for an overnighter.
believe me,
you have to be up for this undertaking.
Maybe will all watch a movie together....
ride bikes,
eat hamburgers cooked on the grill,
plant my flowers.
For sure there will be a lot of
laughter and craziness.

Busy days and Happy nights.
Full life and then overflowing.
God's grace abounds.
Thank you dear God.

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