Monday, March 28, 2016

He is Risen....

He is risen indeed!

If I could just go to church and worship
every morning,
standing strong in my faith would be so much easier.
I gather so much strength from
worshiping in song,
being with other believers,
and hearing the truth of God's word proclaimed.

Yesterday on Easter morning in Savannah
it was cloudy, and rainy, and gloomy
on the outside,
but in our hearts it was bright and joyful.
We met together to worship Him
who died and returned to life,
just like He said.
God keeps all of His promises,
not one word of His truth ever fails.

The boys in their new shirts.
All smiles.
Gussie doing some of his antics behind.

Gram and Lucy.
Everybody else is singing and we are
posing for a picture
taken by granddaddy.
Go figure.

I will share about our Easter party later.

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