Friday, March 25, 2016

Jesus walking to His death

Jesus is God...
Jesus was a man.
He was sinless...
but He was human.
He was born to die.

We had transgressed God's commandments.
God could not look upon us in our sin.
God provided Jesus.
Jesus was our substitute.
We should have died but He died for us.
God accepted Jesus' death on our behalf.
All who believe that Jesus is God's Son
and that He died for our sins
has eternal life.

It was Spring on that Friday morning so long ago.
What was on Jesus mind after the night 
of suffering and humiliation?
Did He notice the sunrise,
the flowers,
their scent?
Was He sad to be leaving the earth and His friends?
But His face was set like flint to His duty.
He came to die and He did,
and that death of our
Savior the Lord Jesus Christ 
changed everything.

Just Believe!
I love you!!

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