Sunday, April 10, 2016

archie turns 8

Snoopy cake for a little boy who loves him.

Archie had a hard time waiting for his birthday!

Granddaddy keeping score of the game...
David keeping up with the Masters.

Lucy made Archie a Snoopy pillow.
He loved it!!!

The birthday boy got the special plate
because birthday's are very special.

Love this Harry photo bomb!!

Kinda blurry,
too much light,
but Archie is really "The Lone Ranger."

Another fabulous party.
Our little boy from China is quite the
American cowboy.
He is doing extremely well from his latest surgery.
He is finishing Kindergarten.
He is kind,
What a joy and privilege to know him.
He is a gift from God all the way from the other side
of the world.

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